Get a Checkup from the Neck Up

This year has heaped trauma upon trauma, leading to mental, physical, and emotional fatigue. Fatigue that all of us need to be mindful of and take seriously. So to take a moment from your busy lives and consider whether those traumas are having an impact on you that you don’t even realize.

Get “a check-up from the neck up.” Talk about mental health and to use the free, anonymous screening tool offered at to better understand yourself and your mental health.

We live in difficult times. There is nothing wrong with needing help or asking for help. The City of Philadelphia has numerous resources available, including and

You’re not alone. Help is out there. Keep reading to learn more about how to recognize depression.

How do I know I might have depression?

If you struggle with depression, you can have trouble sleeping (sleeping too much or not enough), trouble concentrating, and very low energy. You can lose interest in activities you once enjoyed, lose confidence in yourself, and feel worthless. Some people have recurring thoughts of death or suicide and can often feel trapped or desperately alone.

Depression can be a very painful and frightening experience. For many, depression can show itself in angry outbursts, frequent crying, irritability, or problems at home, work, or school. Depression can feel like you are all alone, and you can’t imagine that anyone else feels as much pain as you do. Well, that’s not true. Depression affects 40 million families each year, and other people feel and have felt similar to you.

People are reluctant to seek help for many reasons, including embarrassment, shame, fear, and social stigma. For some people, hiding their depression seems like the only solution. For others, finding negative ways to cope (like excessive drinking, overeating, or withdrawal from others) is the only way to get through the day. Many people suffer in silence, waiting a long time to find ways to feel better and get the help they deserve.

Although it might be hard to imagine, if you or someone you care about struggles with depression, people can and do get better. Help, support, and treatment can make you feel better, and it all starts with a first step. We encourage you to check in on your mental and emotional health today, beginning with a quick and anonymous check-up. This beginning step can be the start to a healthier, happier you.

Click to learn more about depression, treatment options, and support.

If you feel like you need to talk to someone immediately or soon, click here for helpful numbers and support. Remember, you are not alone.

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