Getting Vaccinated for the Holidays

Holiday gathering hero

All year the Philly Counts team has been talking to Philadelphia residents to help make the Covid-19 vaccine more accessible. We also wanted to hear from residents about why they decided to get vaccinated – The number one answer amongst Philadelphians we asked was because of their FAMILY!

Last year, we focused on staying distanced from family for the holidays to keep everyone safe.  Now, we have the option of reconnecting with our families, while keeping them safe, thanks to the three Covid-19 vaccines that are available. With different timelines for every vaccine, we have outlined the last possible today to get vaccinated AND be fully protected in time for the holiday season.

  • Moderna
    • Last day to get first dose is October 13
    • Last day to get second dose is November 10
  • Pfizer
    • Last day to get the first dose is October 20
    • Last day to get second dose is November 10
  • Johnson & Johnson single dose
    • Last day to get single dose is November 10

You can find the closest vaccination site by visiting

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